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Adventures in Pet Boarding in Charleston, SC

Adventures in Pet Boarding in Charleston, SC

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You might think that things can get quite interesting around Moonshadow Pet Resort as we have so many energetic pets with unique personalities pass through. And you’d be exactly right! Pet boarding in Charleston, SC is an occupation that is certainly never boring, but we love meeting new dogs, cats, and other animals on a daily basis and getting to know them better. While each pet has their own personality and we do our very best to give them the personalized care that they need, there are a few guests we’ve hosted that have challenged our knowledge of animal care and forced us to learn some new tricks. Here are three of our favorite experiences so far.

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A Different Kind of Bath

Chinchillas aren’t nearly as common as dogs and cats in average US homes, but it’s easy to see why their owners love them. These soft, cuddly animals look sort of like hamsters and guinea pigs, which makes sense since they are rodents just like those more common pets. However, chinchillas have their own unique characteristics, the most obvious of which is their amazingly soft, lovely fur. They also have specific dietary needs, and their personalities are definitely on the shy side. We’ve had to learn how to care for chinchillas effectively and also how to make friends with them despite their retiring nature.

We’re used to giving dogs and cats baths to get them looking their best, but you have to give chinchillas a dust bath! This is outside the norm for us, but we had a lot of fun figuring out how to do it, and our chinchilla guests were patient with us.

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Dragons In the House

The “How To Train Your Dragon” movie series has kids everywhere wishing that they could have a fire-breathing dragon in their backyard. We’ve actually had the privilege of caring for dragons here at Moonshadow—bearded dragon lizards, that is. Probably the biggest factor in caring for reptiles is the fact that they are cold-blooded. That means that their bodies don’t keep themselves at the same temperature all the time; they depend on the environment. When they are outdoors, they regulate their body temperature by seeking out sun or shade as needed, but when they are indoors, we have to provide them with the right types of light and heating, varied throughout the day according to a specific schedule, so that they can warm up or cool down when they need to.

A bearded dragon’s diet is also different from those of our other guests, to say the least! While they do munch on a “salad” of leaves and other greens occasionally, their preferred meal includes live mealworms, crickets, or other small insects.

Mind the Landscaping!

Through most of our history as humans of interacting with animals, pigs have been considered farm animals. In recent decades, though, people have discovered that some varieties (particularly the smaller ones!) make fantastic companions as pets. They are very intelligent, which means that you can easily train them to do all kinds of things. They are also very affectionate, usually developing a great relationship with their owners. Their high level of intelligence, however, means that if they are left alone for long periods of time with little to do, they will find ways to entertain themselves—and unfortunately that “entertainment” will probably include damage to your furniture and other things in your house!

Keeping busy pets busy is exactly what Moonshadow Pet Resort is all about. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking care of pot-bellied pigs here at our facility. The one thing we would change about these pets if we could, however, is the way they interact with our grassy play areas. They love rooting around in the dirt, so we have to do a little maintenance and get things cleaned up afterwards so that the rest of our guests can enjoy running and playing in the same area!

For professional cat boarding, pig, lizard, or chinchilla boarding, or dog boarding in Charleston, SC, get in touch with us today! We are excited about meeting you and your pet.

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