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Why is Grooming Your Dog So Important?

Why is Grooming Your Dog So Important?


Grooming your pet is one of the things most of us do without really understanding why. It seems that if you have a longhaired dog or one with curly fur, you just bring them in to keep the tangles out and make them look nice. In reality, grooming is essential to your pet’s health, even if they have shorter hair types! Let’s discuss why grooming your dog is so important and help you get scheduled with the best option for dog grooming in Charleston, SC.

The Benefit of a Brush and Trim

Routinely brushing your dog at home is a great way to keep the tangles out of his fur, but professional grooming is where the real magic happens. Professionally grooming a dog can take an hour or more depending on your pet’s size and involves using multiple different brushes to get down into the lower layers of fur and remove any dandruff, dirt, and dead hair that would otherwise stay in the fur and cause itching and, potentially, matting.

Matting occurs when a tangle in the fur becomes densely intertwined with other pieces of fur, creating a heavy, thick tangle that cannot easily be brushed out. Some breeds like bichons and poodles are more prone to matting but even silky furred pups like Yorkies and short-haired dogs can develop matting if they are not brushed out well enough.

While visually unappealing, matting also poses a serious health risk, as it can create infections and abscesses due to the constant pulling and tearing of the skin.

Bathing falls in with this, as your dog needs a good bath to be clean and free of dirt and potential irritants stuck in his fur. Bathing also makes their coats look nice and keeps them smelling clean and fresh, too. Getting a good trim goes along with that, as you do not want the hair to be overgrown, as this contributes to matting.

Trimming the paw hair and hair in the ears can help prevent injury and infection, as well, and trimming the hair around the dog’s tail area can prevent odors from lingering. All of these practices come together to be a vital part of your dog’s maintenance routine, especially when paired with tear stain removal and other practices.

Nail Maintenance

Maintenance concerning your dog’s nails also has to be factored into grooming care. Your dog’s nails grow quickly and need to be trimmed often. Overgrown nails are one of the leading causes of paw injuries and infections. Additionally, they are also uncomfortable and can even curl to grow back into the paw pad, causing serious injury.

Having your dog’s nails properly trimmed and filed is key in ensuring they are not in pain or discomfort while walking and also prevents scratched furniture or injuries to humans when your pup tries to cuddle or jump on them. We make this especially easy to maintain at our Charleston pet resort, where our professionals comfortably and safely can begin the process of shrinking an overgrown quick or just execute a quick trim.

Want to Pamper Your Pet?

Grooming for Feline Friends

Cats can benefit from a good grooming session, too! Cats have dander and dandruff, as well, and can benefit greatly from the occasional bath and brushing session. They also do well with being trimmed if they have longer hair. Cats are, of course, not as cooperative as dogs on this matter, for the most part, so going to a professional groomer might save you a couple of scratches or a very upset kitty cat. Some vets will even take your dog and cat on the same day, cutting down on time and saving you money if they bundle the two together.

Let Us Help

Moonshadow Pet Resort is a leading option for dog grooming in Charleston, SC that offers complete care from bathing and trims to nail shaping. We strive to provide the best possible maintenance care for your pets from our special, secret blend of shampoos and conditions that make your dog impossibly soft and shiny, to our careful nail trimming techniques.

You can comfortably leave your pet in our care, knowing that once we are done, they are going to look stunning and feel amazing!

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