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How to Calm a Hyper Dog

How to Calm a Hyper Dog

Having a hyperactive dog can be rough at times, especially when they want to run around and all you want to do is relax after a long day. This usually stems from boredom. There are ways to manage this so that you and your dog are on the same page. 

The first step to manage this is ignoring your dog’s hyper behavior. By giving the dog attention when having outbursts of energy at the wrong time, this is reinforcing in the dog’s mind that this behavior is okay. The next time this occurs, just ignore your dog and see how fast your pup will relax and stop the poor behavior.

Regular Walks

Another simple and crucial step in releasing your dog’s energy is going on walks. Your dog should be walked at least three times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once right before bed. Depending on your dog they may need a couple more walks each day. The morning walk should be around 30 minutes ensuring your dog has enough time to release his energy from sleeping all night. After your return from work, you should give your dog a nice long walk, especially if they have been alone and bored in the house all day. This is a great way to relieve stress from your workday and energy from your pup. Lastly, you should be walking your dog before bedtime to ensure they don’t have too much energy before you get into your nighttime routine. 

Watch Your Own Energy

Another way to regulate your dog’s energy is to watch your own energy. Dogs mimic others’ energy so when you want to play with your pup that is the time to raise energy levels. Other times, you should be as calm as you want your dog to be. When doing this you should be rewarding calm behavior to reinforce it in your dog’s mind. To ensure your dog is understanding that calm behavior is good behavior, you must reward him/her with a treat. This will help make the correlation in your pups mind that he/she is being good by relaxing with you on the couch. 

Regulate Playtime

A mistake many dog owners make is overplaying with your pup after a long day, which may overstimulate them and in turn, give them more energy. To avoid this you must ensure you don’t play with your dog too much at the end of the day so they know that this is the time to relax and get ready for bed. The best way to ensure this is to sit on the couch or in bed and not allow them to play after a certain time. We recommend giving your dog something to occupy them. Depending on your dog we recommend a bone or chew toy. A great bone to use that most dogs love is one that is hollow that you can put peanut butter into as this will excite your dog to sit and focus on just the bone. 

Come See Us At Moonshadow

A great way to train your dog to be calm and less hyper is by not leaving him/her alone in the house all day while you’re at work. If you are financially able to, sending your fur friend to Moonshadow Pet Resort Dog Day Care a couple of times a week/month would significantly help your pup’s hyper energy. We have very affordable rates Monday through Saturday as low as $15/day per dog and we also offer packages at $180/15 days or $330/30 days! They will get to play, learn and run around all day with trainers and other dogs. This will ensure that when you pick them up at the end of the workday they will be ready to relax on the couch with you to wind down after both of your long days. This will help your pup with training, social skills, and most importantly hyper tendencies. 

Hyperactive pups are just something many pet owners have to deal with until they know how to handle the energy and divert it to something else. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you and your pup overcome the hyperactive stage and enjoy time spent together. 


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