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7 Benefits of Pet Boarding with Charleston’s Best Pet Care Facility

7 Benefits of Pet Boarding with Charleston’s Best Pet Care Facility

Dog day care

For most pet owners, our dogs and cats are like our children, and we care for them with the same intensity and love. Unfortunately, we can’t always give that to them when we’re traveling. You know what? That’s OK. That’s why there are places like Moonshadow Pet Resort. We provide you and your pets with a multitude of benefits, including all the love and attention they could ever want!

  1. . Socialization for dogs

As most people know, dogs are descended from wolves. This means they are naturally pack animals. They have an innate desire to be around and interact with other living beings. WIthout socialization, they tend to forget or fail to learn just how to connect with other animals. Socializing teaches them how to behave properly, including being gentle around babies and kids, not being aggressive towards other dogs or animals, and not jumping on or nipping strangers. It gives them the confidence they need to enter new situations and react appropriately to different stimuli.

  1. Exercise and physical activity

None of us are perfect at getting the recommended amounts of exercise, and that affects our pets, too. Dogs and cats rely on us to give them the exercise they need with walks and play. Unfortunately, when they don’t get that much needed activity at the right levels, that energy gets transferred towards less desirable behaviors. Lack of proper exercise can lead to excessive barking, destructive behaviors like chewing, and health issues like weight gain for dogs AND cats. Moonshadow Pet Resort pet boarding provides that exercise and energy release to keep your pets calm and happy while you’re gone. After a stay with us, your pets will feel satisfied and ready for a good, long sleep each night! Then, when you return from your trip, they will be ready to head home and snuggle with you without bringing in new bad habits.

  1. Relief of boredom and anxiety

In addition to keeping your pet active for health purposes, we also work to keep them from getting bored. A bored dog can become destructive, turning to activities like chewing, ripping, digging, and just generally destroying anything they can reach. An anxious dog may potty in the house, bark continuously, and may also turn to destructive actions. At Moonshadow, we keep them stimulated and entertained, staving off boredom or anxiety and any negatives associated with those conditions. We also keep their well-being in mind on the other end of the spectrum. We don’t overstimulate them, and we provide rest and nap times throughout the day, too! Your cats, birds, and other more independent pets will have lots of room and places to explore and do their own thing. No all-day cage treatment here at Moonshadow!

  1. Routine and predictability

Dogs (and even cats, whether they want to admit it or not) are creatures of habit, and having a routine helps them feel safe. Without routine, they can get anxious and upset, issues we’ve already explained lead to undesirable habits. On the other hand, a daily routine of walks, play, and similar stimulation gives them something to look forward to gives them peace of mind and confidence in their surroundings. Dogs thrive and feel happier when there is some predictability to their day. We provide that at Moonshadow, and we keep your home routine and schedule in mind, too.

  1. Peace of Mind for You

As pet parents, we don’t like the idea of leaving our four-legged babies at home alone when we travel any more than parents of two-legged babies. When we are away from home for a day or more and consider alternatives like pet sitting, that can leave our pups and kitties alone for quite some time during the day. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel pretty bad. Pet boarding can relieve that guilt and puts your mind at ease, knowing your pets are being well cared for by professionals while you’re enjoying your own vacation! You also don’t have to worry about potty accidents while you’re gone, because we’re here to walk them when they need to go.

  1. Affordability

We know. Budget is ALWAYS a consideration, even when it comes to our fur babies. We offer Charleston’s best doggy daycare at affordable prices, and we list those prices right on our website. No hidden fees, no worries.

  1. Convenience of other services available

If it’s time for your pet to be groomed, bathed, or have their claws trimmed, we can take care of that right here on the grounds! Our full-time staff groomer is amazing, and our shampoo formulas are legendary. We even groom cats! We also offer pick-up and drop-off in the Greater Charleston area, including at the airport! We are here to serve you and care for your pets like they are our own.

The staff at Moonshadow Pet Resort is here to love on your pets when you’re away. We love our jobs because they give us the opportunity to be around some of the world’s greatest creatures all day, every day. When you know you need to be away for a few days, a week, or even longer, you can count on Moonshadow to keep your pets safe and happy.

Call us today at (843) 559–0571 or email info@moonshadowkennel.com for more information on pet grooming services and our dog day care.

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