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Dogs Are Social—It’s Their Nature!

Dogs Are Social—It’s Their Nature!

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With the dizzying variety of dog breeds that exist, it’s hard to believe that they are all included in the same species. We get accustomed to seeing pet dogs everywhere, but when you think about it, the richness and complexity of dog breeds are truly amazing.

Of course, while each dog breed has its specific characteristics, and each individual dog has its own personality, there are some things that all dogs have in common. One of those is the need for lots of social interaction. Here’s a little bit of background on that need, why it exists, and how you can satisfy it for your pup with dog daycare in Charleston, SC.

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Primal Instincts

You already know that the domestic dog is descended from wild dogs, wolves, coyotes, and other canine species. If you look at those species, you’ll notice that they don’t live alone! All canines are “pack animals,” traveling and hunting in groups.

That pack animal instinct carries through in domestic dog species, driving them to seek out a group to be a part of. That’s what makes a dog such a great pet for a family!

For a single person who works long hours, or even for a family that is away at work and school most of the day, it can be difficult to satisfy all of their dog’s needs for social interaction. A dog can be content by himself for a while, of course, but eventually he is bound to get a little bit “stir crazy” and look for someone to play with.

The Wild Meets Civilization

You can see this instinct in action every time your dog encounters another dog, whether it’s the new puppy next door, a stray dog that wanders through the neighborhood, or the dogs you walk past at the park. There will immediately be a greeting and a quick assessment of whether the other animal is a threat, a potential mate, or simply a new member of their pack.

Sometimes this results in adorable new friendships. Other times, unfortunately, territorial protection instincts kick in and the meeting becomes less friendly!

It’s not only other dogs that your dog will see as members of his pack, either. Families with small children often find that their dog tries to adopt a leadership role, protecting the kids from perceived threats but also attempting to “shepherd” them where they want them to stay!

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Meeting Social Needs

If your dog is at home alone most of the day, you might be feeling torn about what to do. Obviously you can’t adjust your employment or school schedule in order to spend more time with your dog, but you wish that he didn’t have to entertain himself for hours every day until you get home.

Dog daycare in Charleston, SC is the perfect answer! At Moonshadow Pet Resort, we provide all the social interaction your dog craves. We’re well aware of the potential problems that dogs can have with each other, and our staff pays close attention to how the guests at our facility on any given day are grouped together for playtime.

That way, everyone has a great time, meets new friends, stays safe, and gets lots of exercise, fulfilling their instincts to join a pack.

Sending your dog to Moonshadow for the day also benefits you at home! A dog that spends the day playing with others won’t be as high-maintenance when you all get home, making for a much more relaxing evening. He also won’t have as much opportunity to develop bad habits. Let’s just say a bored dog and a home full of stuffed furniture can be a dangerous combination!

Other Services at Moonshadow

In addition to providing dog daycare services, here at Moonshadow we also offer long-term care for those times that you have to leave town for a few days or even weeks. We are also very well-known for our high-quality dog grooming in Charleston, SC. While your furry loved one spends the day with us, we’ll give him a bath and grooming session so that he looks and smells fantastic when you pick him up!

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