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When You Go on Vacation, So Do Your Pets

When You Go on Vacation, So Do Your Pets


Ah vacation, the best time of year! You may have planned this trip for months, and the closer you get to the vacation, the more excited you become. Work seems to drag on, the days lengthen, but your time will come! That daydreaming will soon be your reality, and you’ll be stress-free as you pack away. That is until you realize you still have to find a place for your furry friend to stay. If you need a dog daycare in Charleston, SC, you’ll find Moonshadow pet resort to be the perfect place for your pup. Your dog, cat, or other small animals will get their own fun-filled vacation here!

Making Your Pet Feel Loved While You’re on Vacation

Just like you planned a vacation to accommodate all your needs and desires, the same is necessary for your pet. You can’t go on vacation without a plan for your dog! Furthermore, you want to ensure your dog is happy and secure. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the beach when you remember you left your dog at home alone.

Rather than scrap something together last minute, plan out a vacation for your dog too! This allows your dog to have fun and feel safe while ensuring they feel loved and cared for.

Pet Sitter Vs. Pet Boarding

Many pet owners opt for a pet sitter, rather than placing their dog in a boarding facility. You may think that a pet sitter will provide the necessary care and attention, but can you be sure of that? When you hire a pet sitter, you’ll likely only find someone who will come to your house a few times a day to let your dog out. That’s not the vacation your dog deserves. If you were to leave your pet in the hands of a pet sitter, how can you be sure he/she is getting the attention and care they deserve? You can never have complete confidence that your pet is getting walks, playtime, pets, and plenty of human interaction.

Rather than deal with the uncertainty of pet sitting, let your animal best friend have a genuine vacation of their own!

Dogs are similar to humans—they love having a social life and a change of pace every now and then. Vacation is just that—a new place to explore and meet new doggy friends. They’ll be much happier if they’re surrounded by other humans and dogs that they can play with, rather than stuck at home with a pet sitter coming a few times a day. At a qualified, review-backed pet boarding facility, you can be sure that your dog will receive all the playtime, love, and attention that you know your dog deserves.

The Moonshadow Difference

When you want assurance that your dog will get a true vacation-like experience, Moonshadow Pet Resort is the way to go. We offer a boarding service where dogs receive plenty of human love and affection, playtime with other dogs, indoor and outdoor options, and much more! To give you confidence that your pet is safe, we have live security features and staff that are well-trained for any situation.

To top off the boarding vacation, you can find the best dog grooming in Charleston, SC right here! When your dog is spending their vacation at Moonshadow, let them be pampered further with our expert grooming services. A vacation is not a true vacation unless a little spa time is involved. Moonshadow Pet Resort has expert groomers that use top-secret conditioners and shampoos to make your dog smelling fresh and looking stunning. Plus, our trained and experienced groomers can provide the perfect cut to meet your needs!

When you come back from vacation refreshed, you’ll find the same with your dog. You’ll pick up your pet who’s tired from playing with his/her new friends, looking sharp and smelling fresh from the pampering, and ecstatic with you for sending him/her to vacation!

Moonshadow Pet Resort is a long-standing giant in the pet care industry with 27 years of experience. We offer 10 acres of land, personalized care, climate-controlled rooms, and much more!

Check out our expert grooming services and doggy vacation services for more information.

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