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Dog Daycare in Charleston, SC: 3 Safety Factors

Dog Daycare in Charleston, SC: 3 Safety Factors

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It’s wonderful to have access to a facility for dog daycare in Charleston, SC that boasts great customer reviews and has been voted best kennel in the Charleston area!

But no matter how confident you are in a pet resort’s ability to care for your fuzzy loved one, there is bound to be at least a small amount of anxiety when you say goodbye and drive away. Can these people really give your dog the kind of attention he is used to at home? Will he be happy until you show up again to take him home?

Here’s a peek behind the scenes at three of the strategies we use to make sure that your beloved pet is safe and happy with us until we hand him back off to you at the end of his stay.

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  1. Supervising Playgroups

One of the most important things we do for the dogs that we care for is to divide them into playgroups for the day. As you can imagine, matching up dogs with incompatible temperaments, breeds, and/or sizes can create serious problems.

Given the wide variety of breeds and personalities that we have on site every day, this takes a lot of thought. Our staff members have been carefully trained to observe the dogs, assess their temperaments, and divide them into playgroups that will be safe and fun for everyone.

Once the playgroups are established, our workers stay closely involved with them at all times. We never leave the dogs to play without supervision!

  1. Making it Feel Like Home

As you know, it can be very stressful for your dog to suddenly enter a brand new environment. Our canine guests all have a great time with us eventually, but some dogs have a harder time than others making the adjustment.

One of the best ideas to help with this is for you as the owner to bring along some familiar items that your dog loves. It might be a favorite toy, a few treats, or even the bedding that your dog naps on every day. The feel and smell of these familiar items can help your dog stay calm and feel “at home” while he adjusts to his new surroundings and friends.

Our trained staff is also very good at assessing how dogs are acting and feeling during their stay. If your pup seems to be having a tough time adjusting, he’ll get plenty of love and attention from us to help him have a great time.

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  1. Knowing What to Look For

Pets obviously can’t talk to us when they have a need or are feeling down for some reason. That means it is up to our staff members to pay careful attention and know what behaviors to look for that may be warning signs of trouble.

Our facility, located as it is near Charleston, South Carolina, experiences a lot of hot, sunny weather every year. It’s important for all of our supervisors to be aware of the risk of heat exhaustion for dogs that play outside for long periods of time in the hot weather.

That means providing plenty of shady areas outside for our dogs to rest in when they need to, and balancing the time that they spend outdoors and indoors so that no one gets overheated.

In addition, we make sure that everyone knows what breeds are more susceptible to heat exhaustion—mainly those with shorter noses like boxers and French bulldogs. Older dogs also need more care in this area!

We Love Your Dogs!

Moonshadow Pet Resort is one of the best-loved facilities for boarding and dog grooming in the Charleston, SC area. That’s because we have developed a great reputation for not only loving pets of all types, but also having the knowledge necessary to keep them safe, happy, and healthy.

We promise to supervise, feed, care for, and love your dog the entire time he’s with us, whether that means for a few hours in the middle of a busy weekday or for a week while you’re away on business.

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