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Safety First at the Pet Resort

Safety First at the Pet Resort

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What does your pet resort do to keep your precious dog or cat safe? That’s a question that you are very like to think of, and maybe ask out loud, when you are meeting the staff of a facility for cat and dog boarding in Charleston, SC for the first time. You work hard to protect the health and security of your pet at home, and you want to know that he’s enjoying the same level of protection when you have to be away for work or vacation. From our experience operating a premiere pet resort in Johns Island, here are some of the things you should think and ask about related to your pet’s safety:

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Obviously, a very basic element of keeping your dog or cat safe at the pet resort is keeping them on the premises! The facility should have a sturdy fence or other barrier around the pets’ play areas, tall enough to keep the Great Danes and border collies from jumping over it in an effort to make an early check-out. The fences should also keep unwanted guests out—raccoons, deer, and other wild animals can bring diseases and pose a threat to the animals staying at the resort.


In addition to a fence, proper supervision is essential for protecting pets throughout their stay. This means much more than simply having a human being around to keep an eye on the dogs while they play and make sure the right gates are locked. Sometimes the more territorial-minded of our guests may decide that they would like to take over the area, misbehaving toward the others and creating a dangerous environment for everyone. The supervisors at a pet resort should be highly trained, very knowledgeable about how the minds of pets work, and ready to intervene in situations to prevent “arguments.”

One of the first things we do when a new dog arrives for the day or for a longer period of time is assess their personality. That assessment determines what other dogs we match them up with for playtime, or whether it’s best to have them interact with a supervisor separately from the rest. That way, each guest has a great time and no one is exposed to danger from anyone else.

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The cleanliness of the pet resort you choose for your cat or dog is a big factor for their safety. Do the managers and staff understand the health threats that can develop at a facility that hosts many different animals in the course of a week? The last thing you want is to discover that your dog picked up fleas, lice, or other unwanted pests from the other guests. A boarding facility that doesn’t adequately remove waste, clean bedding, and keep indoor areas clean can create an environment where diseases can lurk and pose a serious threat to pets.

It’s also important for staff members to know what to look for on incoming guests to make sure that they are not bringing in diseases or pests that could spread to others. The supervisors at a pet resort shouldn’t just be folks who love animals—they also need to be deeply knowledgeable and trained to spot any factors that could be a risk to the health of other animals, mitigating those risks with the right approaches.


Believe it or not, another factor in the health and safety of your pet while at the pet resort is happiness! Just as you’re more likely to get sick if you are depressed or stressed out, your pet is more at risk if he or she suffers from anxiety, aggressiveness on the part of other animals, or poor supervision. We think you’ll see from our Pinterest and Instagram posts that our guests have a great time at Moonshadow Pet Resort! If you don’t follow us on those websites yet, we hope you will do so and find out why we think that our facility is the best Charleston pet resort you can choose for your beloved furry friend.

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