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Self-Care and Pet Care with Moonshadow Pet Resort

Self-Care and Pet Care with Moonshadow Pet Resort

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January is generally a month of promises for self-improvement. In the past few years, there has been more focus on personal self-care so that we avoid burnout in our lives rather than losing weight or going to the gym. We’re encouraged to create a better work-life balance and make time for activities that nurture our wellbeing. At Moonshadow Pet Resort, where we see pets as family, we believe these principles should extend to our pets, too!

Over the next few months, we’ll be providing you with a series of posts that will help you schedule and commit to care for yourself and your pets for the best year ever!

Spa Days are Important

Even when we’re loving life, we carry lots of stress around. External events and internal concerns can really start to weigh us down, if we’re not careful. This can result in tight shoulder and back muscles, headaches, TMJ, increased anxiety, and much more. Doctors and health experts have long touted the benefits of getting away from the everyday grind to retreats and spas from time to time.

And while our pets may not have quite the levels of stress we do, they can benefit from pampering, too. At Moonshadow Pet Resort, we offer the best pet grooming in Charleston, SC. Yes, pet grooming. All the pets. That means dog grooming AND cat grooming. We’re not scared!

Our luxurious baths are incredibly relaxing and enjoyable for your babies. In fact, our top-secret combination of shampoo and conditioners will have your pet smelling better than ever (which can decrease your stress!).

My very favorite part of getting my hair done is the head massage in the sink, and we know that most pets enjoy a good head or belly rub, too. We include lots of those during their pampering session. Baths also include trimming your pet’s nails, cleaning their ears, and a blow dry. It’s a full-service treatment that makes them feel special and loved.


Since humans tend to benefit from other aspects of full-day or multi-day retreats, we believe that pets do, too.

When you’re at the spa, your pet is too, with our dog daycare here in Charleston, SC. Just like human retreats often provide exquisite meals and cater to your every human need, Moonshadow extends the same quality care to your furry loves. We supply a premium diet, beds, toys, and treats. You will only need to pack for yourself, not your pet!

Let’s get physical

Self-care also means taking care of your physical self. Lots of people find that yoga helps both the mind and the body become more relaxed and healthier. Doing any kind of physical activity is important, so if downward facing dog and cat’s pose aren’t for you, spas and resorts will generally offer something that is.

We know for a fact that pets also benefit from physical activity, so we provide them with lots of playtime while they’re with us. Whether your pups are with us for dog daycare or multi-day boarding, they will have several hours of outdoor playtime with other dogs (weather permitting) and lots of one-on-one time with our amazing staff. Cats, our more independent family members, are given time to roam and climb and knock toys off shelves to their hearts’ content, and when they’re ready, they get loves and rubs and head bonks, too. And treats. Everyone gets treats. Isn’t that part of the spa experience?

Scheduling is key to commitment

As humans, we have to be reminded all the time that the only way we will actually make time for beneficial self-care activities is to schedule them and treat them as commitments. It’s somehow easier to schedule and commit to obligations for others, including our pets.

We hope that this month we have encouraged you to take some time to treat yourself and your furkids to some well-deserved pampering and time away.

We also hope that you will join us in February as we discuss the importance of Dental Hygiene Month and oral care because a healthy mouth boosts overall care for all family members, two legged and four. Continuing the self-care theme into March, we will talk more about the benefits of physical activity and ways you and your pets can enjoy it together.

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