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Three Big Reasons for Dog Daycare in Charleston, SC

Three Big Reasons for Dog Daycare in Charleston, SC

Dog Daycare

When you’re at work, does the clock seem to stand still at times? You look at your watch after finishing a big project, confident that it’s time to go home, only to find that you have a few more hours to go. Or maybe you’re so busy that you barely have a chance to check the time, and it feels like the day just flies by. No matter how you view the passage of time at the office, for the dog you leave behind at home those eight, nine, or ten hours are just as long as they were the day before…and the day before that. Here are three big reasons to take your dog to a reliable dog daycare in Charleston, SC to change things up for him or her.

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  1. Peace and Quiet

When you stagger in the door and drop your keys and phone at the end of a long day, you’re ready to sit down to a nice meal and maybe relax on the couch with your favorite TV show. But while you’ve been working hard, your dog has been just waiting patiently (or maybe not so patiently) for you to come home and play with him! That peaceful meal and evening aren’t likely to happen unless you give in and run around the backyard for a while until your furry friend is just as worn out as you are.

A day at our dog daycare in Charleston, SC, on the other hand, is exactly what your pup needs if you want him on the same “activity schedule” as you. After spending the day chasing sticks, playing with other high-energy dogs, and getting a professional bath and grooming, your dog will be more than happy to chill out at your feet while you curl up with a good book.

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  1. Avoid the Bad Habits

We’ve all heard how important training is for a dog, especially a puppy, if you don’t want her to develop lifelong bad habits. But how can you stay on top of training when you’re away at work most of the day, five days a week? If there’s no one there to stop your curious pet from chewing on the furniture, drinking from the toilet, or exploring the kitchen cabinets, she’s more than likely to conclude that those are appropriate activities for her to engage in.

At our pet-friendly, closely supervised facility, however, your dog gets to put all of her energy into activities that are safe and healthy. When you and your dog leave the house and return at about the same time, suddenly it’s much, much easier for you to monitor the way she interacts with the items in your home and correct any bad behavior before it becomes an established pattern.

  1. Exercise and Health

The biggest reason for you to give your dog a stay at a dog daycare is for the sake of his health. You know how your body would feel if you spent eight hours lying around the house, right? Don’t expect your dog to hop on the treadmill while you’re gone to stay in shape! Put him in an environment where he is encouraged to run around, explore a safe outdoor area, follow his nose, and play with other dogs—all under the supervision of trained staff who love animals and know how to balance exercise with rest for a well-rounded day of activity.

Another great health benefit is that our dog daycare guests also receive a dog grooming at our Charleston, SC facility. You may not be excited about spending your rare day off getting your pup into the tub and ending up with your bathroom covered with soap and water. Isn’t it easier to pick him up at the end of the day, already bathed, groomed, and looking great?

We know your dog will have a fantastic time with us—just check out the photos on our Pinterest and Instagram accounts to see a few of our “satisfied customers”! And you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your furry friend is getting plenty of healthy, safe fun and grooming while you’re stuck at the office.

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