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Why Is Moonshadow #1 in Pet Boarding for Charleston?

Why Is Moonshadow #1 in Pet Boarding for Charleston?

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As you already know if you follow us on Facebook, Moonshadow Pet Resort was voted Best Kennel by the readers of the Post and Courier last month! We are very honored by the recognition, and very thankful to our clients for voting for us again in 2019.

If your pet isn’t already one of our regular guests for pet boarding in Charleston, SC, we hope this news will give you an idea of how much our guests (and their owners) enjoy our facilities and staff. Here are a few of our featured services and reasons people from all over the Charleston area come to us again and again.

Meet our expert, animal-loving staff.

Top Quality Facilities

Most dogs are intensely inquisitive by nature. That means that when you leave your dog at a pet boarding facility, she is likely to make it one of her first projects to see if there is a way out of it!

Cats have their own way of asserting their independence as well, and one of the biggest responsibilities we have in caring for our clients’ pets is to make sure they stay safe until they’re picked up.

We keep a close eye on our high-quality fencing, doors, windows, and other barriers to keep pets within safe boundaries, whether that means simply keeping them on our property or keeping them within play groups that are safe and appropriate for them.

Our environment is also healthy! We love for our guests to share playtime and other experiences, but not the illnesses and pests that every pet owner works so hard to avoid. Our staff keeps the rooms and play areas of Moonshadow Pet Resort clean and neat at all times.

Grooming Expertise

Many of our clients take advantage of our professional grooming services while their pets are staying with us. This service has also won us recognition in the Best of Charleston even in past years!

A bath provided by our talented, trained staff, using carefully selected shampoos and other products, does wonders for your pet. You can expect to pick up a beautiful animal that smells great, no matter what condition he was in when you dropped him off with us!

Give your pet a Moonshadow grooming!

Our grooming sessions also include expert nail trimming and a blow dry after the bath. Your pet deserves to be pampered!

Maximum Convenience

Life is always busy, but sometimes it suddenly gets much, much busier without warning. To accommodate our clients as much as possible, we offer pickup and drop-off services throughout the tri-county area. We also accommodate after-hours needs and other special requests!

Our easy pricing guide helps you calculate your cost for this service, based on the location and its distance from our facility. We can even pick up your pet from the airport and get him back to you at curbside when you land!

This convenient service means that when you suddenly have to leave town for a family emergency or unexpected business obligation, you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what to do with your pets. The answer is as close as Moonshadow Pet Resort.

Flexible Pet Care

We don’t operate under the assumption that every dog we care for has the same needs as every other dog. Each pet has his or her own unique characteristics, personality, and needs, and we take the time to find out what those are and care for them accordingly. Our play groups are very organized and structured, taking into account temperament, age, and size.

Although there is a huge variety between the dogs and cats that we care for (which make up the bulk of our guest list), we also enjoy boarding more “exotic” pets as well. We have birds, goats, pot-bellied pigs, chinchillas, and even reptiles of various kinds spend time at our resort! Our inclusive philosophy also includes pets with special health needs—we’ll administer medications carefully according to vet’s orders.

We love the challenge of learning about a new animal and finding out what they need, then giving them loving, attentive care until their owner picks them up again at the end of their stay.

Thank You, Charleston!

One more big thank-you to our guests for not only voting for us as Best of Charleston, but also for providing us with so many great reviews on Facebook and on our website. We always love hearing from you, and if you’ve never had your pet stay with us, we hope you’ll get in touch with us today to book your appointment. Our goal is to really get to know our clients and their pets, forming longstanding relationships and building trust.

We’d love to meet your pet.

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