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How to Calm a Hyper Dog

Having a hyperactive dog can be rough at times, especially when they want to run around and all you want to do is relax after a long day. This usually stems from boredom. There are ways to manage this so that you and your dog are on the same page.  The first step to manage […]

The essential guide for new pet owners: What you need to know…

Before falling in love with the dog of your dreams and bringing your newest family member home, there are some essential things you need to consider such as preparing your home for your new addition. Here are a few of our expert tips to consider before getting a dog and what to expect when becoming […]

How to Protect Your Dog in the Cold Winter Months

Your dog may have a warm fur coat, but that doesn’t mean they are protected from the dangers of winter! While some dogs do better than others, they all face a certain level of risk when the temperatures dip. Even if you live in a warm climate, if the weather gets chillier than your pup […]

When You Go on Vacation, So Do Your Pets


Ah vacation, the best time of year! You may have planned this trip for months, and the closer you get to the vacation, the more excited you become. Work seems to drag on, the days lengthen, but your time will come! That daydreaming will soon be your reality, and you’ll be stress-free as you pack […]

Why is Grooming Your Dog So Important?


Grooming your pet is one of the things most of us do without really understanding why. It seems that if you have a longhaired dog or one with curly fur, you just bring them in to keep the tangles out and make them look nice. In reality, grooming is essential to your pet’s health, even […]

Hiking With Your Dog : 13 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe On Your Next Wilderness Adventure


As the best dog boarding facility in Charleston, SC, we want to always provide you ways to improve the quality of your pet lives. One of the ways to do that is by bringing your pet on hikes. Hitting the trails with your canine friend can be a fantastic way to deepen the canine-human connection […]

7 Benefits of Pet Boarding with Charleston’s Best Pet Care Facility

Dog day care

For most pet owners, our dogs and cats are like our children, and we care for them with the same intensity and love. Unfortunately, we can’t always give that to them when we’re traveling. You know what? That’s OK. That’s why there are places like Moonshadow Pet Resort. We provide you and your pets with […]

Summer Pet Care with Charleston’s Best Dog Day Care

Moonshadow Pet Resort for dog day care

Anyone who has lived in South Carolina or the South in general for very long knows that spring is just a blip of a season. Summer, on the other hand, seems to last forever! I mean, it’s May, and it’s already hot! This month, we’re talking about some of the most important services you can […]

Self-Care and Pet Care with Moonshadow Pet Resort: Physical Care

Socialization and exercise are integral to your pet’s health.

For a couple of months now, we’ve been focusing on the importance of self-care and how we can extend practices to our pets. In light of how the entire world has changed over the last month, we feel like this topic is more important than ever. Many of us find ourselves in isolation, either self-imposed […]

Self-Care and Pet Care with Moonshadow Pet Resort: Oral Care

brushing your pet’s teeth

As we continue our focus on self and pet care, we want to highlight dental care this month. While Charleston’s best doggie day care doesn’t offer dental care on-site, we can offer some tips to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. We also encourage you to schedule a dental visit for your dogs and cats with […]